Should You Buy Your Gun Safe Online?

Or should you just go to the store?

Online business has exploded over the last couple of decades, and just about anything can be purchased online. Not everything, but almost.

However up until slightly more recently it’s not been quite so simple to buy a gun safe online.

There’s a few obvious reasons for this, the first is that gun safes, or at least the bigger and better gun safes, are large and very heavy and not easy to transport. For this reason shipping was an issue, and many shipping companies were unwilling to handle items like these, or if they did had trouble handling them effectively which often resulted in damage. You might have been able to buy small cabinets and handgun safes, but the big heavy (quality) rifle safes weren’t easy to buy online. Even if you found a website showing rifle safes for sale you ultimately had to ring the manufacturer anyway to order, which is of course what you would have done previously.You can check out because they will show you list of gun safes that you choose from.

Over time however problems are overcome. It is now possible to buy even the biggest and heaviest and most secure of gun safes direct on the Internet.

But should you?

Of course one of the advantages of buying online is that the reduced overheads of the retailer are translated into a lower price.

There are still few genuine retailers online, though of course many of the manufacturers also sell online now.

The best gun safe retailer, in our view, is gunsafes. They have solved the shipping problem, have a streamlined and easy to use online interface, excellent prices and very good service.

They also have an extensive range of quality rifle cabinets and safes to choose from.

Some of the cheaper and smaller handgun cabinets and safes can be found at extremely competitive prices at Amazon, but Amazon does not handle the larger products.

The advantages of buying online now apply to gun safes as well. Cheaper, and if you choose the right merchant, quality and fast service.

Gunsafes have made a dedicated business around selling quality gun safes online, have solved the issues around shipping and are very customer focused. They now have the best products at extremely competitive prices with quality delivery and installation.

This is evidenced by their satisfaction guarantee that says:

“We are committed to making your entire experience a positive one. By offering tailored recommendations, a large selection of niche products, great prices, white glove delivery and installation services, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your experience. We pledge to do our best to assist you all the way from deciding which products are best for your, to purchasing, tracking, delivery, and in some cases even unpacking and setup. If we are not able to satisfy you in any way please contact us so that we can make it right. We have worked with thousands of customers and are confident that you will enjoy working with our company.”

So in answer to our initial question, yes now buying your gun safe online is a good way to go. But it hasn’t always been that way.

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